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NY Lottery Results

Millions of people buy eagerly await the NY lottery results in hope for a payout that will make all their dreams come true. The New York State Lottery runs over then scratch-off games, three jackpots and over five hundred drawing games daily through 14,000 outlets and over 15,000 retailers. The lottery is for everyone and just anyone who wishes to invest a little in testing his luck and putting it on trial to win millions.

The NY lottery started as the 3rd modern lottery in the US in 1967, following the example of the Puerto Rico and New Hampshire lotteries. It has its base in Schenectady and it works to provide monetary resources for public education.

History of the NY Lottery:

Before the 20th century, the main use of lotteries in New York was to raise funds for purposes that were non-educational such as building the New York City Halls, repairing canals, ferries, bridges and roads. They were also used for investing in the city's manufacturing industries and in the building and improvisation of churches.

In 1966, a constitutional amendment was approved which authorized a lottery system that is government run and the proceeds of which were to be used exclusively to support and aid public education. The following year saw the creation of the Lottery Commission and the Division of Lottery under the Department of Finance and Taxation. Over the years, the NY lottery results have generated a gross of more than $34 billion as educational support.

The different draw games that run currently:


This game is played across 44 jurisdictions and was included in the NY lottery in 2010. This game has the greatest NY lottery results potential winning the highest prizes. Each game costs $2 ($3 with Power Play) and has a minimum jackpot of $40,000,000. The players are required to choose any five numbers from a 59 field and a 1-35 Powerball. The drawings happen every Wednesday and Saturday.

Mega Millions:

This game is played in a fashion quite similar to Powerball where the players are required to choose any five numbers between 1 and 56 and a number between 1 and 46 on the golden Mega Ball. The game costs $1 per player and $2 with Megaplier. The minimum jackpot of Mega Million is $12,000,000. The drawings are every Tuesday and Friday.

Daily Games:

Take 5:

This is one of the favorites of the New York Lottery games to play it, one would have to visit any of the retailers and buy a playcard. Players will be required to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 39 and fill them in the squares as per the playcard instructions. There is also a time saving option called Quick Pick where the computer randomly selects the numbers. The one-game card costs $1, while there are 5-game playcards too that cost $5. Then the drawing number has to be chosen and the playcard to be returned to the retailer who in exchange, would give a ticket for the processed playcard. There are 8 prize levels in the NY lottery results of Take 5 and a 'bonus ball' that was recently added for the promotional reasons.

Quick Draw:

This is again played at the NY lottery retailers in the keno-style where draws are made in every interval of four minutes between 4:04am and 3:24am. Players are required to select a number between 1 and 10 and a computer draw of numbers between 1 and 80 is made. The minimum game cost is $1 and the options and prizes vary.
Other In-house daily draw games include:
• Win-4
• Numbers
• Pick 10.

Twice-Weekly Games:

NY Lotto:

This is one of the most famous NY lottery games drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and costs $1 per play consisting 2 games. 6 numbers within 59 are to be drawn after which a bonus ball is included. Players with matching 3 numbers get $1 while the other winners win shared pari-mutuel prizes. The game is popular because of its statutory NY lottery results of a 40% payout.

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Sweet Million:

Drawn every Thursday and Monday night, this game requires players to select 6 numbers from a 40-numbers pool at $1 per game. Players with matching 3 win $3, $40 for 4 matches, $500 for 5 and $1,000,000 for a match of all six. The NY lottery results of this game have a payout percentage of 49%.

Instant Games:

These are the scratch-card games are numerous but each have similar payouts, prices and formats and they are basically the same games with different names.

One unfortunate thing about the NY lottery results is that a lot of times, winners fail to claim their prizes before the expiry. Each year, an approximate total of $10,000 goes unclaimed. A lot of people play the lottery games without any hope to win and they put their tickets in the backburner. The slogan of NY Lottery itself is "Hey You Never Know" which is actually true. One can never know when his luck will take a huge turn and make him a millionaire and this is why he needs to have his eyes wide open and look out for opportunities of winning the lotteries instead of letting them pass.

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